Wholesale Pool Chemicals

Wholesale Pool Chemicals and Equipment

Sigma Chemicals is your number one wholesale pool chemicals and equipment distributor in WA, with our Commercial Team looking after bulk purchases for the Aquatic Industry.

If you are looking for bulk product, we can source and supply pre-packaged goods and equipment by the carton or pallet load.  Our liquid chlorine and acids can be packaged into 5L, 15L, 20L or 200L drums as well as 1000L IBCs.  Alternatively, we can have them delivered directly into your tank!  Pool Salt and other dry materials are available by the pallet load for your convenience.

Specialising in Supply Chain Management, our team can source everything that you need to supply your customers in the Pool and Spa industry, ensuring the highest quality products at competitive prices.  Due to being exclusive agents / distributors for a number of brands to the Western Australian market, we have great buying power for all of your equipment needs such as cleaners, pumps, filters, chlorinators, test kits, swim aides, safety supplies and more.

Toll Blending

Complementing our product procurement, Sigma manufacture a number of liquid chemicals on site with numerous Toll Blends. We have created our specialty No Fume acid blend in both 20% and 34% concentrations.  This is an effective alternative to Hydrochloric Acid along with having many other applications.  For further information on our Toll Blending services, please click here.

Specialty Pre Packaged Products

Sigma is the exclusive Pool Magic agent in Western Australia and we now have wholesale arrangements in place with state based customers. This range covers products including:

  • Dry Chlorines
  • Shock treatments
  • Algaecides
  • Stabiliser, buffer and calcium
  • Clarifiers and flocculants
  • Phosphate removers
  • Anti scale
  • Degreaser and cleaners
  • My Spa range covering all the treatments

How to Order

For more information on how we can help your business, please contact the Commercial Team on +618 9345 2233, Option 4. Or alternatively you can submit your enquiry HERE.

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