Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Clean water is the most precious and most wasted resource on Earth.  Supporting both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, it is essential for the sustainability of life.  Since a large percentage of Australia is living in drought, it is imperative that water is efficiently managed, recycled and treated to ensure it is being utilized in the best way possible.  Sigma Chemicals can help your business’s water treatment requirements with expert advice and access to a large range of products.

Economically, water is a necessary component for the wealth and stability of many industries from Manufacturing, Processing and Mining to Agriculture, Aquaculture and Horticulture.  Treating water removes contaminants and removes or reduces undesirable components, improving the water quality for its desired use.  This may be for potable water, irrigation, industrial water supply, recreational water, re-use and many others.  Water treatment is also necessary for the discharge of safe and clean water back to the environment.

Water Treatment Flyer

Waste Water Treatment

Sigma has a wide range of products for your water treatment system.  Floculants and coagulants for separating matter, antiscalents to prevent the build-up of salts and particles, sanitisers to kill germs and bacteria and prevent regrowth.  We can Water Treatment Flyersupply membrane cleaners and brine, and also supply chemicals and membranes for reverse osmosis systems.

“Water is life, and clean water is health” – Audrey Hepburn

Potable Water

In addition to the chemical filtrations systems that we can offer, Sigma has just extended our partnership with Davey to now supply the exciting new Microlene UV Filtration System.  The Microlene System is a completely chemical free potable water system ranging in sizes for your domestic or commercial requirements.  Visit the Balcatta store to see one of the systems in action.

Water Testing

Sigma stocks test meters, test kits, consumables and reagents for all your water testing needs.

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