Supply Chain Management

Sigma Chemicals is dedicated to making the purchasing of local and imported chemicals and raw materials simple for your business by offering a fully inclusive supply chain management system.


Sourcing goods for your business can be a time-consuming task. Sigma will efficiently source quotes from manufacturers and logistics around the world, to ensure you are getting the best quality product at highly competitive prices.


With access to manufacturers around the world, we can source high quality raw materials and chemicals, and have them delivered direct to your site.  We ship to customers throughout Australia and the world.  Due to the partnership that Sigma has with experienced international transport companies, we can ensure all aspects of the importing, exporting and freight of dangerous and other goods are done in accordance with UN Law.


Want to order in bulk, but do not have the space or licence to store on site? Sigma Chemicals has a licenced DG Storage facility and can quote for large quantity storage on request.


Another significant part of our Supply Chain Management system, is Toll Blending. We can source, decant and blend liquid or power chemicals to your company’s specialty or custom formulations in a variety of volumes. For more information on our Toll Blending services, please click here.


Our team at Sigma transact globally through online supplier portals, such as Ariba (SAP/Quadrem), ICN, GCMS and more, therefore making it easier than ever to order with us. Our team are also available on phone or email to help you with all of your orders and enquiries.

For more information on how our Supply Chain Management system can help your business, please contact the Mining and Industrial Team on 08 9345 2233, Option 2.