Aquatic Centres & Swim Schools

Aquatic Centre & Swim School Supplies

Sigma Chemicals is number 1 for aquatic and swim school supplies in WA, with customers including Local Government run aquatic centres, Education Department run programs, swim schools, hotels/motels, caravan parks, physiotherapists, schools and many more.

We are exclusive agents / distributors for a number of products and brands to the Western Australian market covering aquatic and commercial requirements.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Whether it be bulk or packaged chemicals, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality products on the market at competitive pricing.  Sigma manufactures its own Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine) and Sulphuric Acid (No Fume) and Pool Salt, and we supply a large range of specialty chemicals for the balancing of your pool or spa.

Pool & Spa Equipment


Whether you are after robotic or suction cleaners for your pool or spa, Sigma has you covered.  With access to all your trusted brands as well as the exciting new iCleaner, your pool (big or small) will be sparkling in no time!

Pumps, Chlorinators & Filters

Sigma Chemicals can help you find the most cost efficient and suitable equipment for your pool or spa, whether it be a large commercial pool or a home swim school.  With access to the top brands in the industry, you can be sure you are getting the best quality equipment there is to offer.

Heating Solutions

Have your pool ready to go all year round, with heating solutions from Sigma Chemicals.  Custom blankets, solar systems and heat pumps can all be tailored to your special requirements.  Our team is ready to discuss your options today.

Water Test Kits

Technology has come a long way in water testing.  We stock a range of kits from your basic water quality kits to Bluetooth and smart phone enabled kits as well as all the specialty test strips/chemicals and consumables.

Spare Parts / Repair

Experts in the field of robotic pool cleaners, we are an approved and authorised repair / warranty agent for the iCleaner and the Dolphin Robotic range with a full diagnostics bay.  We also cover domestic and commercial units and we also provide repair services for all pool cleaners, pumps, filters, chlorinators and dosing systems.  Sigma keep a large range of spare parts in stock for most equipment makes and models.  Give the Commercial Pools Team a call with your query on 9345 2233.

Teaching & Swim Aides

Not only do we look after your pool, we now have significant distributorships that can look after personal teaching and special needs aides as well as those items you wish to retail out to your customers, such as goggles, quick dry towels & swim parkas to name a few.

Safety Supplies & Equipment

Here at Sigma we know, with all businesses comes legislation and compliance and we can assist with that as well, by supplying signage, mobile bunding, rescue / safety equipment and chemical neutralization and other swim school supplies. Sigma even has your little ‘accidents’ covered with our own Faecal Accident Response Kits (F.A.R.K.).  Contact Sigma to save you time and money, and experience a reputable and professional service from our commercial team.

As proud supporters of AUSTSWIM and long time members of LIWA and SPASA, Sigma Chemicals is a professional corporate yet community minded company with a range of special offers for affiliate members.

Sigma has a range of in-house specialists with over 100 years of combined experience, and a list of technical experts that we can coordinate and provide you with access to, enabling you to utilise them for specialised issues / onsite equipment.  For further information on how we can assist you, please contact the commercial team here, or by selecting option 4 when dialing 08 9345 2233.

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  • iCleaner-200D




    Fully commercially specked robotic pool cleaner, very efficient, can be programmed for up to an 8 hour cycle. Large commercial and aquatic pools.

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  • Photometer9 Test Kit - Sigma Chemicals

    Photometer 9 Test Kit


    Photometer 9 Test Kit


    USB / Bluetooth compatible water testing kit, recommended by the Health Department. Cost effective test tablets readily available from Sigma along with the unit’s consumables

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  • Sigma Liquid Chlorine 15L


    Sigma Liquid Chlorine 15L


    Liquid chlorine is used in the sanitisation and oxidisation of contaminants within pool water.

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