Pool & Spa Heating – with Rheem

Pool and Spa Heating with Rheem

Are you looking for a heating solution for your Pool or Spa this Winter? Don’t let your pool or spa sit covered and unused for half the year!

Sigma Chemicals have teamed up with Rheem to bring you the leading range in energy efficient heat pumps.

Rheem heat pumps are specifically designed for Australian conditions.  This is due to the oversized evaporator and heat exchanger created for the most extreme temperatures .  Rheem and Sigma have models to suit any size Pool or Spa, residential or commercial, in both electricity and gas.

Rheem IQ®

New to Rheem is the Rheem IQ® Intelligent Control, which is designed to optimise the running of your heat pump.  The IQ understands peak and off-peak tariffing, with common tariffs pre-programmed for ease of use.  Rheem IQ’s® intelligent programming can achieve the lowest heating cost possible, where the building or house is connected to ‘time-of-use’ electricity metering.

Rheem IQ’s® programming logic optimises off peak operation by slight movements of the pool temperature, so that the cheaply produced off peak heat contribution is effectively stored in the pool. Differing temperature parameters are available in each tariff period.  Peak operation is postponed or avoided throughout the day if needed, maintaining your desired pool temperatures.

Rheem IQ® has a number of other functions alongside the tariff intelligence.  These include fan control, circulating pump control, de-ice management, alarm logging, PCo connectivity as well as status checking and performance data review.

How to Enquire?

Our team analyses your pool size, power needs, desired temperature, and more to find the best solution for you.  To enquire, just fill in the pool heating questionnaire HERE for your quote.  Otherwise, you can contact the Aquatics Team on 08 9345 2233 option 4.

You can be swimming and relaxing all year round, with thanks to Rheem’s Pool and Spa Heating Solutions.