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NEW PRODUCT – The Water Cleanser

Its all about Water at Sigma, we have some exciting new products available now and later in the month, with the first one being Water Cleanser.

This is a revolutionary product that is literally taking the world by storm.  Water Cleanser is an Australian invention and it is having amazing results from a vast number of industries and industry sectors being (but not limited to) aquaculture, farming, market gardeners, municipalities and swimming pools.

The product is designed to enhance the growth of Bacillus Bacteria and helps to rebalance all the various Bacterial groups, resulting in healthy water. If you have a pond with or without fish that is never looking at it’s best, you can apply a Water Cleanser and watch the amazing results.

The product works on a transitional basis:

Please feel free to contact the Commercial Team at Sigma on 9345 2233 option 4 or by email for available stock, application information and or to place an order.

Gosnells Cyanobacteria Bloom

  • On the image on the left:  Cyanbacteria Bloom outbreak November 2015
  • On the image on the right: the fully recovered lake system November 2016


There are a few pdf’s available for you to download and a booklet if you wanted to read more case studies and more about the applications that the product has been tried and tested on.