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NEW PRODUCT – MotorScrubber

Looking for a cordless cleaning assistant? – Check out the MotorScrubber

The MotorScrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your washrooms, showers, stairs, windows, motor vehicles, marine vehicles even the swimming pool wet deck area and water line, then maybe look at the option of purchasing a MotorScrubber from Sigma.  Your time is precious so why not let the MotorScubber take the hard work out of the cleaning and give you back some time.

The unit is a small machine with big power, comprising of:

  • Cordless
  • 4 hour run time on one battery cycle with 8 hour recharge time
  • Lightweight, coming in with the harness at 4.5kg
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • High torque motor
  • Telescopic poles for varying heights are optional

Please feel free to contact the Commercial Team at Sigma on 9345 2233 option 4 or by email for available stock, application information and or to place an order.

For the Home User

​MotorScrubber is the ultimate tool to replace any manual scrubbing task, whether it be at home to give your floor tiles a freshen up for spring or giving your deck that big scrub before re coating. Its also perfect for giving the boat and caravan a big scrub before the next adventure!! The ​MotorScrubber works under water and will also give your pool and spa that freshen up before the hot weather arrives to ensure that sparkling pristine look all pools and spas should have.

For the professional

Possibilities with the Motor Scrubber are endless – washrooms, floors, kitchens anywhere you pull out the old scrub brush or doodlebug the MotorScrubber can replace!! ​With the optional hand held version and extension for high reach scrubbing hard, risky and time consuming manual scrubbing is no longer an issue.

Perfect for cleaning:
Tiles, Stair & edge cleaning, In & around tight spaces, Mirrors, Windows, Stainless steel, Windows, Non-slip flooring, Dusting, Roofs, Walls, Decks, Paths & Driveways, Bathrooms and Kitchens.

Also great for cleaning:
Trucks, Machinery, Aircraft, Buildings, Pool, Spas, Boats, Caravans

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