Ecolab Nalco Water

Why Choose Nalco Water?

Ecolab Nalco Water is a world leader in water treatment programs and advanced water technology innovation.

Their flagship RO products: PermaClean, PermaCare and PermaTreat, CORE SHELL® Polymer flocculants, biocides, inhibitors and a large range of other water products are specifically developed for water treatment applications in industries including Manufacturing, Agriculture, Petroleum Refining, Mining and Mineral Processing, and Food & Beverage Production.

Sigma Chemicals is proud to be a Western Australian distributor and will work with you to find the best products for your needs.

Coagulants and Flocculants

  • NALCOAG 3268
  • ULTRION 8187
  • ULTRION 8588
  • HI-TEX 82220
  • CS71300 & CS71301 CORE SHELL® 71300

Reverse Osmosis Products

  • PermaCare POSM35T / 352T
  • PermaClean PC-33 / 77 / 97A
  • PermaClean PC-55
  • PermaTreat PC-510T
  • NALCO PC-2040T

Cleaners & Inhibitors

  • NALCO 5032
  • NALCO 7290E
  • NALCO 7208

Other Products & Services

  • Biocides – including STABREX ST70, NALCO 7330
  • NALCOOL – Heavy Duty Coolant
  • Reagents
  • Water Safety Risk Management Plans

Nalco Water Flyer

For more information on Nalco Products and how we can help your business, please contact the Industrial Team here or on 08 9345 2233 Option 2.