Magna Latch Gate - Sigma Chemicals

Watch Today Tonight’s full story on the MagnaLatch ALERT here

MagnaLatch ALERT is the world’s only gate latch with built-in alarms.

MagnaLatch ALERT features:

  • Magnetic gate latch with built-in alarms
  • Quick & easy to install – no wires, no special tools
  • Emits a single beep upon each gate entry/exit
  • Full alarm mode only if left open 15+ seconds
  • Can be rekeyed to match existing doors
  • Long-life, replaceable lithium battery Australian
    Good Design Award winner 2015
  • Meets Australian Standards for Pools
  • Lifetime Warranty (latch), 2-Years ALERT Module

Further details about the pool Magna-Latch alert. or

Laurie Lawrence’s child safety program.

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