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Monday’s Today Tonight to feature MagnaLatch ALERT

Following the latest, dreadful spate of toddler drownings in backyard pools Channel 7’s Today Tonight will be featuring the MagnaLatch ALERT Gate Latch-Alarm next Monday at 6.30pm (January 23).

With the critical factor continuing to be unauthorised toddler access to pools via faulty or unlatched gates (i.e. hinges not closing, latches not engaging, gates sagging or gates being propped open), drowning prevention advocates such as Laurie Lawrence (Kids Alive) are all over the media.

Constant adult supervision is most important, but because humans aren’t perfect D&D designed the MagaLatch ALERT to safeguard gates. Its simple entry and exit beeps – and alarms – notify parents and carers whenever gates are not closing, not latching or are being propped open!

MagnaLatch ALERT is the world’s only gate latch with built-in alarms.

  • Magnetic gate latch with built-in alarms
  • Quick & easy to install – no wires, no special tools
  • Emits a single beep upon each gate entry/exit
  • Full alarm mode only if left open 15+ seconds
  • Can be rekeyed to match existing doors
  • Long-life, replaceable lithium battery Australian
    Good Design Award winner 2015
  • Meets Australian Standards for Pools
  • Lifetime Warranty (latch), 2-Years ALERT Module

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