iCleaner Robotic Pool Cleaner - Sigma Chemicals

No-one cleans like iCleaner – check out the latest robotic pool cleaner!


Sigma would like to introduce the latest robotic pool cleaner to our range! As the iCleaner dealer for Western Australia, our customers now have access to the best range of trusted robotic pool cleaners on the market today specifically designed to fully clean commercial pools, and home pools alike.

Latest robotic design

This marvel of engineering comes in a modern, ultra-slick design available in both light and dark blue.


All iCleaners are built to commercial quality, with the same great functions and features across the range.  Starting with the iCleaner-120 for smaller sized pools, through to the top of the range iCleaner-200D for 50M commercial pools, iCleaner will have all your pool requirements covered.

Cordless cleaning

Don’t want tangled cords or extension leads around your pool?  The iCleaner-Rover has a cordless power system with a floating battery pack!

Say goodbye to manual vacuuming

Save time and effort with the latest robotic pool cleaning technology.  Extract from a Contract Aquatic Services testimonial:

“Definitely a worthwhile purchase. The unit reduces the need to manually vacuum the pool due to the iCleaner handling the additional debris.”

Competitive Pricing

Please contact our friendly Commercial Sales team for a chat or to request a quote.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the extremely competitive pricing structure.  All units are on a National Price Structure.


Some of the excellent features include:

  • Automatic cleaning: the default mode is automatic, however, this can be overridden using the Remote Control. When the Remote Control is not being used, the iCleaner will return to automatic mode.
  • Overall cleaning: the iCleaner not only cleans the floor of your pool, it also cleans the wall, at the same time, the iCleaner will filter water, and the dirt will be collected into Filter Bag.
  • Timing cleaning: you can select one of three cleaning time with Remote Control (0.5h, 1h or 2 h). The iCleaner will shut down automatically when the selected cycle time is over. The power box must be turned of manually.
  • Manual cleaning: the Remote Control can be used to clean specific areas immediately.
  • Self protection (out of water): Impeller decelerates to a stop in twenty five seconds if the iCleaner senses it is no longer in water, to prevent personal injury and to protect the water pump.
  • Stop protection: the iCleaner will stop if foreign matter retards the Impeller.