Australian Made: A Step Forward for Australians

Australian Made: A Step Forward for Australians

Ever since Australian Made was born in the 1930s, so as the legacy of local businesses in Australia

Australia is known for its locally made products that are recognised around the world.

Sigma Chemicals is proudly West Australian owned, is a registered member of Buy Local, and have recently had a number of our flagship products approved as Australian Made.


About the Australian Made Logo

The iconic Australian Made logo is the true mark of Australian authenticity. It is Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol. It also integrates a third-party accreditation system that ensures that products carrying the logo are certified as ‘genuinely Australian.’

In fact, for more than 30 years, the Australian Made logo has helped thousands of brands communicate their Australian credentials to consumers, businesses, and all levels of government. Thus, it is a powerful sales and marketing asset for authentic Aussie brands and a helpful shopping aid for consumers around the globe.

The Australian Made logo is a well-known and trusted country of origin certification. When you see this logo on a product, you can trust that it is authentically Australian.


Why Australian Made Matters

Australian Made’s mission is to promote local brands in Australia and around the globe. Country of origin labels allows consumers to know if the product is manufactured or grown in Australia.  It tells us where the product comes from. Choosing to buy Australian products means helping the Australian economy and workers.  In fact, one of the most popular countries of origin labels in the world is the green triangle with the gold kangaroo-Australian Made logo.


Why You Should Buy Australian Products

These are the top reasons why Australian Made strives to help local businesses here in Australia.


Quality and safety

Our manufacturers, farmers, fishermen and processors make some best products in the world. Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law. Thus, those products and produce that have been manufactured or grown locally must meet these standards. Also, Australian products usually come with local customer support.


Good for Our Economy

  • You are supporting Australian jobs. The company that produces the product can employ more Australians.
  • If more Australians have jobs, it means families are likely to have more money to do fun things like go on a holiday, go out for dinner or a movie, and pay for things like ballet classes, sporting club membership, as well as the weekly groceries and bills
  • The company and employees will pay tax to the Government. This means there is more money to spend on things like hospitals, sporting facilities and schools.


Promotes Environmental Sustainability

The concept of environmental accountability encompasses all aspects of the production of raw materials, the manufacture of products, packaging, distribution, and the choices available for the end of life disposal. By buying locally produced and shipped products, there is a decrease in pollution from the manufacturing of the product.

Buying locally manufactured products shortens the gap for shipment. It also affects suppliers and allows them to be more competitive with transparency for their processes. By buying locally produced goods, we can aim for environmental sustainability across the production chain and create a closed loop for each product.



Through promoting local businesses, local employment, environmental responsibility, end-of-life disposal provisions and requiring better-made products that last longer, we can grow manufacturing industries that work in-sync with local retailers and continue to be part of the backbone of our communities.