Our clients include mining and industrial companies, private and government laboratories, ranging from multinationals to independents, all seeking quality service, chemicals and chemical supplies.

Wholesale Pool Chemicals

Sigma Chemicals is your number one wholesale pool chemicals and equipment distributor in WA, with our Commercial Team looking after bulk purchases for the Aquatic Industry.

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Sigma Chemicals - Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supplying chemicals, raw materials and more from around the globe, Sigma’s Supply Chain Management system has you covered.

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Toll Blending

Contact our Commercial team for custom blends, specialty formulations and all other chemical requirements for your business.

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Sigma Chemicals - Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Sigma can source high quality raw materials through our network of manufacturers and distributorships around the world.

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Sigma Chemicals - Mining Chemicals

Mining, Oil & Gas

Allow Sigma to take your time out of your procurement. Contact us for all your mining, water treatment, fluxes and industrial chemical supplies.

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Sigma Chemicals - Wholesale Pool & Spa Supplies

Commercial Pool & Spa

Our Commercial team can offer solutions and help you source everything you need for your hotel, hydro-pool, water park and everything in between!

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Sigma Chemicals - Industrial & Commercial

Industry & Commercial

Vast industry sectors trust the Sigma sourcing team to provide chemicals, accessories and equipment for all makes and models.

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Sigma Chemicals - Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Preferred supplier for water treatment chemicals, test meters, reagents and membrane cleaners. Contact Sigma to streamline your supplies.

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Sigma Chemicals - Aquatic Centres & Swim Schools

Aquatic Centres & Swim Schools

Providing not only chemicals, equipment and accessories, Sigma can provide solutions for your Centre or Swim School, including heating.

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Why Choose Us

51 Years of Excellence

Providing quality chemical and pool supplies for over 51 years.

Chemicals Procurement

We specialise in sourcing chemicals from all over the world.

ONE STOP service

We provide everything from chemicals to laboratory ware.

Warehousing & Storage

We are licensed to store and handle dangerous and hazardous chemicals.

Strategically Located

Sigma Chemicals is located in Perth, WA close to the port of Fremantle.

Logistics & Distribution

We can meet all your transportation and logistical needs.


Sigma Chemicals - Water Ball

Basic Pool/Spa Water Chemistry & Maintenance

from Pool Controls   Basic Chemistry Guidelines CHLORINE (Free chlorine): 2ppm to 4ppm sanitises water & kills bacteria COMBINED CHLORINE (Chloramines/Dead Chlorine): Zero, reduces chlorines effectiveness STABILISER (Cyanurates/Sunscreen): 40ppm to…

Ecolab Nalco Water

Why Choose Nalco Water? Ecolab Nalco Water is a world leader in water treatment programs and advanced water technology innovation. Their flagship RO products: PermaClean, PermaCare and PermaTreat, CORE SHELL®…

Introducing Sustainable Swim Parkas: The Cleaner Way to Swim

We’re so excited to announce we’ve partnered with Aquadash, Australia’s leading supplier of eco-friendly swimwear, and now – sustainable swim parkas. It’s the latest addition to the entire overhaul of…

Customers Feedback

Definitely a worthwhile purchase. The unit reduces the need to manually vacuum the pool due to the iCleaner handling the additional debris.
- Contract Aquatic Services, Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
Great prices. customer care and pool care advice. Highly recommend!
- Luisa Trimboli, Great prices.
Excellent customer service and very well stocked. Give them a call they will probably have what you after.
- Richard, Excellent Customer Service.
I visit Sigma Chemicals often to purchase chemicals and equipment. Always they are most helpful, offer really good advise and never over sell. I highly recommend their services. Excellent 10/10
- Annabelle Evans, Excellent 10/10.
Moved house and used a pool company closer. Big mistake totally got ripped off. Went back to sigma who are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and above all trustworthy. Highly recommend the Sigma team at Balcatta. They're now an hours drive away, but worth the journey. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Clint.
- Richard Pyke, Wouldn't go anywhere else.

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