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Whether it be chemicals, test tablets for your water balancing, equipment or accessories for running your centre, Sigma is your one stop shop. Not only do we look after your pool, but we now also have significant distributorships that can look after your personal teaching aides and also those items you wish to retail out to your customers, such as goggles & swim parkas to name a few.

Here at Sigma we know, with all businesses comes legislation and compliance and we can assist with that as well, by supplying signage, mobile bunding, rescue equipment and chemical neutralization. Contact Sigma to save you time and money and experience a reputable and professional service from our commercial team.

We are approved and authorised repair / warranty agents for the Dolphin Robotic range with a full diagnostics bay covering domestic and commercial units and provide repair services for all pool cleaners, pumps, filters, chlorinators and dosing systems.

We are exclusive agents / distributors for many products / brands to the Western Australian market covering aquatic / commercial requirements.

We have a range of specialists that we can coordinate and provide you with access to, enabling you to utilise them for specialised issues / onsite equipment. Please speak to the commercial team by pushing option 4 when dialing 9345 2233.

      • Liquid chlorine
      • Calcium hypochlorite
      • Test tablets/reagents
      • Hydrochloric acid
      • No fume acid
      • Sodium bisulphate (dry acid)
      • Sodium bicarb
      • Calcium chloride
      • Sodium thiosulphate
      • Phosphate remover
      • Algaecide
      • Clarifiers/water polisher
      • Pool stabiliser (cyanuric acid)
      • Perlite / DE Filter Powder
      • + many more
      • Rheem heating
      • Pace clocks
      • All test kits/meters
      • Dosing systems
      • Compliance signage
      • Pumps
      • Filters
      • Lane ropes/accessories
      • Dive blocks
      • Rescue equipment
      • Faecal incident kit
      • Fast Act (chemical neutraliser)
      • Mobile bunding / spill kits
      • Mobile vacuum / Trolley system
      • All pool deck accessories
      • Pool grating
      • Depth markers/stencil kits
      • + many more
      • Swim platforms
      • Long life noodles
      • Waterproof paper
      • Swim parkas
      • Goggles
      • Aquatic boxing gloves
      • Aquatic mats 2x1x5cm
      • Swim mirrors 400mm diam.
      • Kickboards
      • Swim nappies
      • Aquatic fitness equipment
      • + many more